Only by helping YOU get what YOU want.  Will I eventually get what I want.  When You know more, YOU can say the same.  At this time, it’s all about making money.

My full intention is to show you exactly what you need to do to get, at least, the very basics to become an Internet marketer  and start making money.  So please check my blogs as I progress.

I don’t know of anyone else who has gone this far back.  Back to where it all starts, having a dream first and then a plan to follow.  There is a lot that is never mentioned about getting started, telling you the truth about making money.  All these so called Gurus seem to think that you already have a degree in computer science and just want you to buy their program to make many thousands in a couple of weeks.  Whether it is suitable for you at your stage, is unimportant, to them.

To this end, I have in my blogs, over many weeks, told the story of my struggle to make sense of the information overload that seems to come at lightning speed.  The search for things that no one seems to mention.  They are all there, at my cost, in the hope, and belief that I can show you a way to make those important few extra dollars that make the difference.  And not at the price I am paying.

When it comes to making money.  Do you REALLY know how.

Paying a bill when it comes due.  Buying the kids their school books, saving for a college fund, the extra costs of caring for a disabled parent.  Maybe you have just lost your job, or never been able to get one for a variety of reason.   Looking after the kids, or parents, partially disabled.  Maybe you just don’t present well or there is a high unemployment situation where you are living.  Follow me and we could all be making money.

In the meantime, this is a work in progress.  I have two other domain names.  www.Silverfoxtrading.com where I may, or may not, put up stuff to sell or, put up adverts for articles that I am an affiliate for, in the hope that you like what is there, buy it, and I get a commission :-).  The other site is called, “www.holidayrentalsandtraveltips.com” and, as I have been traveling since I was seventeen, I have been to a lot of places.  I have Traveled in Youth Hostels throughout Europe. I have traveled First class sometimes, but usually Third class.   I know which I prefer but, you can have a lot of fun in Youth Hostels or it’s modern equivalent, a Backpackers Hostel.

So please have a look at some of my postings and, if you want to chat, just send me a message in the “Leave a reply” section after a post.  I really do care. Now I am eighty one years of age and hope to help at least some people to financial independence with the knowledge I have obtained the hard way.   EXPERIENCE.  It is a wonderful teacher, but the price is very high.   Why should you have to pay for it?

All the best, have a great life.  Whether you decide to travel with me or not.

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