Make those important few extra dollars #4

Is this enough few extra dollars

Make Those Important Few Extra Dollars

Hi again, Now I am in about six weeks from the start of these blogs showing you how to make those few extra dollars.  If you are really interested in making those few extra dollars, you must have done a lot of work.

Hopefully by now you have at least got yourself a mind blowing domain name and a great WordPress  site set up and running.  You should, maybe, even be still at that level, learning how to use WordPress and have the basic Pages you should have.  That is a static “Home Page”.  Then an “About Me” page, a “Privacy” page and a “Contacts” page.  There can be others but we can deal with them later.  What is hard for me at this time is to remember what I have said before but, we’ll get through that.

Are You at the point of still trying to learn WordPress?

If so, good on you, providing that you are really learning and not spinning your wheels.  Remember that if you simply Google any of the steps I have said will help you make those few extra dollars.  You will get tons of information in any section.  It’s a thin line here between getting information from those shiny objects and suffering from Information overload on stuff that is far too ahead of where you are at the moment and please, do not part with any money unless you have to.  Apart from two sections that I have recommended.  12 Second Commute and Directory of Ezines.  The money you should have spent should only be a few dollars.  Hopefully less than $20.00.  The money you would have had to pay for 12 Second Commute and Directory of Ezines will repay you in spades as to get further along and see WHY you need them.  They are both extremely important.  Once you have REALLY got a hold on 12 Second Commute and at least looked at Directory of Ezines. Everything else is easy and you can either through money away or keep following me.

Where I am at the moment in my search for those few extra dollars?

Let’s get this straight from this point.  You need a list to help you get ahead.  The list or lists should each be for a specific niche.  You already have two products to sell as an affiliate for 12 Second Commute and Directory of Ezines in the Making Money section.  At this time I am going to suggest that you don’t spend any money on Directory of Ezines apart from the initial payment to join.  You have to learn how to get banners and other advertising material from your affiliate companies.

Each list should be of people that are interested in what you have to sell.  It’s no good offering your, “Making Money” group. That you got from advertising the two affiliate businesses that you have. Products that you may subsequently get later, say Golf Equipment.   The Making Money group is only interested in Making Money.   Maybe, much later, when you are really accepted and trusted by that group, you may take a chance and offer them products that Making Money people MAY be interested in.  Just keep on tarck with what I am saying and you will be making those few extra dollars and when you are getting that on a regular basis, can start working out how to go further and you won’t need me.

I have digressed!!

At the moment I am in a bit of a lull.  I put an advert into an ezine within Directory of Ezines called “Straight Talker’s Forum”.  It cost $97.00 USD and was a solo advert taken directly from the Affiliates Section of 12 Second Commute.  I wanted to use a banner but was told it wouldn’t be seen for several months but with a solo ad, only three went into the magazine at any one time.  And, it would go in within two weeks.

Well, it went in and I got three responses within the following week.  None of whom replied to my personal welcome email.  Hopefully they do upgrade in 12 Second Commute and I make some commission BUT, that was $33.00 USD per list member and I feel a little ripped off but, did I choose the right Ezine or the right ad?

I have also connected with some “Safelists”.   Google it for the information but resist the pull of parting with money.  It will be tough. Three in total but only advertising in two at the moment.   Affiliate Funnel has my interest at the moment but I need more information.  In fact while trying to get information I could pass onto you, I got caught up with some Shiny Objects and finished up downloading ebooks of about 100 pages plus several others.  Not much money spent but now in Information Overload because none of them were really appropriate until some time in the distant future.

Sending out Advertisements

So, just sending out adverts, banners mainly at the moment, on the safe lists to see if I get ANY reaction at all.  Nothing so far but Safelist are either free or very cheap.  And, as we are still learning, it’s a good place to start learning how to get a banner or Solo Advert etc from your  Affiliate page and placing it on the Safe List.  I made several mistakes at first and wasted a number of credits.  Credits that you earn by looking at other Safelist adverts.  But, I did learn and now have a number of ads floating around the web.  BTW. please get a gmail address and use it as your contact list from any Safelist.  Something like  You will be getting hundreds of emails coming through each day.  For reading them, you get credits that you use to pay for your adverting.  So, remember to read at least a few each day but not necessarily all the way through.  Just enough to get the credits.

Short time future to making those few extra dollars.

At this point that is where I am at.  Earning credits to place my adverts onto my two main Safelists and, there are hundreds.  So BEWARE of spending money and watch out for Shiny Objects.  If I can still be caught by them, what chance do you stand.  Don’t come telling me that you have spent hundreds of dollars on programs you can’t understand.  You have been warned 🙂

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