Make those important few extra dollars #2

Make those important few extra dollars #2

Make those important few extra dollars

Okay, so this is only the second day but I have really been working on this for two weeks or more and more heavily six years or so ago for about six months.   I thought that first I had better outline what I think Internet marketing is all about and, can it earn you the money you NEED, not just want. I am not worried about the people who want those few extra dollars but are not prepared to work for them.  I want the people who NEED them and are prepared to work for them.

Yes, you can make enormous amounts of money on the internet but only for a few, very dedicated people, who have the knowledge and the expertise to design things in the information areas that they persuade you to buy.  Many are scammers, but not all.  The trick is to sort them out before you spend any money.  You do this by asking people that you already have trust in and, also by carrying out a Google search on their business or title,  adding the word Reviews.

Unfortunately the scammers have learned about this, so have paid supposedly innocent bystanders to write in denying the claims of Fraud and Scam by the company and, by sheer volume, keep pushing down the list, the bad reviews until sometimes it is no longer on the first page.  And who goes beyond the first page?  I do !  So keep looking until you believe that you have got the truth.  Even then, be aware.

Yes, you can earn the sort of money I am talking about but it means giving some time to it.  You will be learning for quite a while and it will cost something.  Again, the trick is to keep those expenditures down as low as possible.  I have committed to earning enough money in the first six months to pay for all the money I know I will have expended within that time, say by Christmas 2016, and by being in profit during the next six months, say by the end of June 2017.  Stick with me and we’ll see where we go.  I do not expect you to be constantly putting your hand in your pockets at this stage, let me try it first.  I have contacts within 12 Second Commute that lists a number of heavily advertised companies that are to be avoided and, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

For a few extra dollars more

Internet Marketing is very basically selling something, goods, services, information etc on line, on the web. So I would advise you to get a blog.  Charlie Page, from The Directory of Ezines, kindly made a blog for me because I have just purchased one of his more expensive programs,  The blog has just been finished and you are now reading this, which was written on 28th June 2016.  His involvement should be kicking in within the week to increase the selling power of the blog and may involve me in spending more money with him, building a list of people who have expressed an interest in what I have to eventually sell.  That is called, The List.  The area in what I sell is called, The Niche.  Could be bananas, golf stuff, fishing gear or, “Making Money” like me.

I have two other web sites made by a mate in half an hour for a few dollars.  It’s a blog site you want, not a full blown website but, that is your choice.   This isn’t a treatise on the step by step stuff, it’s an outline and, if you have a question, I will answer it if I can and make a page of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Niche can be anything from Apples to Zebras and literally anything in between.   Responsible sites do not like you selling Porn or Gambling, but it is still your choice.  I am unsure what my niches (more than one) are liable to be.  More work of course but it spreads the field.

There are some very definite things you will need to get you started. Number one is the list of people that you will eventually be introducing your items to but,  you have to have the knowledge and the tools to do that.  For that I would recommend 12 Second Commute.  Based upon the premise that it takes 12 seconds to walk from your bedroom to your computer.

I started, needing those few extra dollars, not knowing the basics.

I first joined 12 Second Commute in about 2010 and struggled with the entire concept but, I still made enough money to pay for all the fees that I had paid them in six months.  I really struggled and never could work out how an Auto Responder or a Rotator worked.  The rest of the site resembles a file of Allsorts but, the amount of information he has there is absolutely awesome with dozens of videos to help you.  Plus, Darryl has always been there with help.  At one time he tried an expensive program that was going to get us lists of guaranteed subscribers and we all willingly paid an amount to join it.  Well, Darryl paid for the program which failed miserably.  He had been scammed and lost all the money.  Darryl paid us, out of his own pocket, what we had paid him.  He felt responsible, and that meant a lot to me.

So when my wife got a lot better, and I decided to get involved once more into Internet Marketing, I went to 12 Second Commute and found that after six years of no contact, I was still a member and had access to all the programs.  Sorry, but you will have to start from scratch.  Have a look and any questions get back to me.  He even has a Blogging Centre where you can build your own blog with at least half a dozen videos to help you.  Plus he has a List Building Centre and a Capture Page maker.  All really necessary.

Next is Charlie Page from The Directory of Ezines.  He will be contacting me soon to finish up on the program I bought from him to empower the Blog I now have.  He is acknowledged as the Master of List building and Copy Writing.  I will also be getting advice from him on my choice of Niches and List Building.  I’ll tell you what happens as I go.

Basic Affiliate Marketing for those few extra dollars.

In the meantime, just to wet your appetite.  Have a look at and  They carry adverts than you can place, at no cost, into your blogs.  If someone clicks onto them and buys something, you will get a small commission and you haven’t paid a cent.  Unfortunately you don’t get the names or emails for your lists.  That is why you need an Auto Responder.  Tradetracker is basically a U.K. based operator, whereas Commissionfactory is Australian.  The choice is yours, at least have a look.  I don’t get anything from either of the two programs but, it’s a cheap way to start learning.  Let me know how you do and, start collecting email addresses now.  BTW any decent program will recommend a double opt in system so you are not spamming.  We are simply bringing the market in the street, into our homes.

Click   HERE

The Directory of Enzines     Click  HERE

Any questions.

Regards   Frank


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